Stuff I Love: Coffe Scrub

I don’t drink coffee.  Don’t like it, never have.  My pep is natural, not attributed to the coffee bean. Lately though, with the harsh winter cold, I’ve picked up an addiction to the gritty loveliness of coffee scrub.

My two favourite kinds are made right here in Ottawa!

Purple Urchin Cocoa Butter Coffee Scrub – This scrub is not just made of coffee grounds, but lots of sweet, sweet sugar.  Their mixture of coffee and sugar is super at getting all that dead skin gone and the cocoa butter gets your skin all lovely and sweet and soft.  Opening up the tub gives me cravings for dessert.  Delicious!

Oh My Dirty Chai – This new kid on the coffee scrub block makes an immediately noticeable difference in my skin.  I don’t just use this one on the body… but on my face!  It’s ridiculously great, smells wonderful, makes me super soft, and the SPICE! Oh the spice! Plus, the packaging is great.  Did I mention the avocado oil?  Put avocado in pretty much anything, and I’ll be sure to love it.

Check them out for yourself!  Get scrubbing and refresh dry winter skin in an instant!

PS: Your shower will look like an absolute dirt pit – my cleaning lady must think I’m disgusting.

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