The Joy of Less Stuff

I’m getting rid of stuff.

Last year, I underwent a pretty big decluttering of my things, and it hasn’t stopped with the start of the New Year!  Since I’m moving in less than one month – just a few blocks away, nothing major – I’m taking the opportunity to unload some more.  I’ve instituted a flexible rule with myself:  If I haven’t used it since I last moved (March 2013), then I should highly consider selling/donating/giving away/setting free whatever thing is in question.

There are some of my possessions that I’m quite attached to (art, photos, current laptop, wine fridge) and some that I’m not sure why I still have (Hi-8 Tapes from highschool TV class**, 2 old laptops, 7 gold taper candles), so I’m reconsidering everything – and if it’s out, I’m trying to find the best place for it.

Everything that I’m letting go came into my possession for some reason or another, and at first, it was hard to make the decision to let some things go – “I might need 3 sewing machines someday! There might be a sewing emergency!!” – but with every thing that I’m letting go, I’m feeling better and better. (I’m only giving away one sewing machine… but at least that’s something)

3 sewing machines and a serger... because I have 8 hands.
3 sewing machines and a serger… because I have 8 hands.

Each item that I purge is hopefully going to be used by someone else.  The 7 gold taper candles, for example, have found their forever home with a friend of mine who loves candles… and will burn them.

This year, in addition to all of the other goals that I have, is hopefully going to be a year of bringing fewer things into my life, and more people/events/experiences/moments.

We are, after all, more enriched by the people in our lives, and our experiences, rather than our “stuff”.

Wish me luck – and let me know if you need anything!

One thought on “The Joy of Less Stuff

  1. You could probably get rid of 2 sewing machines Jen. I have a spare because one year I was in the middle of something and my regular machine broke, plus I had spent so much repairing/maintaining the ole one that I could have bought an expensive new one. We have lots to declutter this year too, guess you don’t want anything we have!

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