I’m Back! With a Restaurant Review

3 months with no new updates? I’m the worst.

I did however make a twitter promise to @mhp to blog before November ends… so here I am.
I’ve actually been doing some things that I really want to write about, but with Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching so quickly, I’ve had little energy and brainpower to get myself sitting down and typing things coherently.

Since I’m here, let me tell you about a nearby restaurant named Fauna. We waited for such a long time for Fauna to open. All through the summer, being just a block west of the papered up windows, it seemed as though they were never going to open! Rumours of it opening came and went, but finally, in September, they were able to open their doors… It wasn’t until November that Mark and I had the time and forethought to make a reservation ahead of time.

Fauna was probably the most delightful restaurant experience I’ve had in a long while. The servers and staff were incredibly friendly, thoughtful, and gracious. There was a short wait for our table, so we perched at the bar and ordered drinks. If you like a good Amaretto sour, they make a very delicious one here! Heavy on the Amaretto, and heavy on the sour… perfect. The menu is pretty geared towards a meat eater, but they had a tofu dish, and were able to remove some bacon from a salad for me, so I was all set. Mark ate ALL THE MEAT.

The quality of the food, the cook on the food, and the presentation was perfection. Dessert knocked my socks right off. I can’t imagine that there is a bad plate on their menu as they seem to take a lot of care in what they present. Our table had a pretty severe wiggle, but our server wouldn’t rest until it was fixed, and very quickly we had a table as rock solid as the whole Fauna experience.

Go and eat there if you can! Enjoy!

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