A Summer Update

Dear Readers,

I’ve been a horrible blogger this summer. I haven’t written anything since June. My little fingers don’t have any excuse for not tapping away at this ol’ keyboard… except for the fact that I’ve been keeping myself incredibly busy. Pull up a chair, get your reading glasses on, and let me tell you what I’ve been doing.

The biggest news is that I’ve become a Young Driver. Half my life ago, I became old enough to start learning to drive… but I never did. I put it off so long, and took the written test 3 years ago, but still never got behind the wheel to start practicing. With some gentle prodding from Mark, I signed up to take classes (in-class and in-car), and have spent many a Saturday in July and August learning the rules of the road.  I’m out of the in-class sessions, and have moved on to the in-car practice. I’m not too bad at it! I got parallel parking on my first try, and have driven incident-free down some streets of Ottawa that I would consider challenging. In mid-September, I’ll be all done my in-car lessons and will get to booking my road test. Wish me luck, and watch out for me on the streets!

Keeping active has been another thing keeping me away from the keyboard this summer.  I started taking Hot Yoga classes, and I’ve been keeping up with my running. The running goal right now is to do the same distance (5k) in a shorter time… so I’m running faster. My Hot Yoga goal is really just all about balance and sweating. Better balance, more sweating. I’m meeting both of those goals.

Where we’re living has allowed for a lot of city exploration and enjoyment this year. Neighbourhood walks are a regular thing, and has resulted in the discovery of some great eating experiences.

As always, work keeps me a busy bee as well. I love what I do, so when I realize that I spend more time than expected working on things I’m excited about, it never feels like a bad thing.  Everything that I’m working on right now is very new, and exciting, and dare I say, the future of what Shopify support is going to be all about… so it feels really important to be putting my time and energy into it.

Ok – so that’s enough of an update for now, I guess. I have a lot of other things going on that I’m excited to write about, so I promise I won’t be away for quite as long this time.


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