Such Juice

The past week has been interesting. For 3 days, I didn’t chew anything, I didn’t make breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and no solid foods went in my mouth-hole. Yes folks, I spent 3 days last week doing a juice cleanse! My misconceptions about juice cleanses:

  1. Won’t I be hungry the whole time?
  2. Veggie juices can taste really gross.
  3. So inconvenient and messy.
  4. With tempting food all around me (especially at work), I’m not going to be happy with just juice.
  5. It’s going to be really difficult

During the cleanse, I never felt hungry (unless I waited too long between drinking juice), and the 6 different flavours of juice that I was drinking were all pretty delicious (some more than others). Drinking them at work where snack foods are plentiful didn’t bother me too much – and since everyone knew what was going on, there was a lot of support during the 3 days of just juice.

But hey! – wasn’t it inconvenient and messy to juice a bunch of veggies and fruits? When do you actually have time to juice things Jen? You’re a busy lady!

This was not a problem. Why? Because of FlexiLexi.  If I had to prep and juice everything for this cleanse myself, I likely wouldn’t have completed it.  Not only do I not have a juicer (yet)… but my schedule varies so much that committing to making juice to keep me fed and nutritionally balanced would have been a big challenge. FlexiLexi offers a 3 day cleanse with 6 juices a day that range from a super green morning juice, to a creamy afternoon almond milk. The juices are numbered 1-6, and though they can look a little scary when they separate, they are just fine and delicious when shaken well.  I also preferred the juices super cold.

  1. A solid mix of spinach, kale, apple and more! I thought that this would be a scary one to drink, but I found that it really jump started my day.
  2. Super citrus-y! Heavy on the grapefruit in the best way, and a wonderful mid-morning treat
  3. Juice #3 I typically drank right around lunchtime.  Super beety and filling!
  4. My FAVOURITE of all the juices.  This is the one that I looked forward to every day. It became the perfect, sweet afternoon snack for me.  Almonds, dates, hemp, vanilla, cinnamon… Almost like a milkshake, but not quite.
  5. Super minty and pineapple-y. An interesting combo that I’ve never thought of!
  6. Parsley and cilantro – For me, a tough one to drink, but surprisingly pretty good in the taste department.  Mark took a little taste and really enjoyed it.

During the juice cleanse, I definitely had a rough moment on the first day and second morning.  Big headaches and nausea… Continuing to drink the juice when I felt awful helped though! It really kept me going. After the cleanse, I’m feeling good – and it’s given me a good jump start into continuing some healthy eating habits. I would definitely do another juice cleanse – and would highly recommend trying it out.  If you can’t do it yourself, and you’re in the Ottawa area, check out FlexiLexi’s cleanse! She makes it super easy to get your cleanse on.

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