Jen’s Favourite Things

Every year, Oprah releases her list of favourite things and people go nuts for it. The items on it sell out almost immediately because if Oprah likes it, how can it not be awesome? Just like every year however, I feel like her list is missing things… so I make my own list! As always, I should mention that I don’t need any of these items – I have everything I need/want and more – so there’s not need to use my list as a guide for buying me things… in fact, please don’t.  Just send me an envelope of hugs.

Out Of Print Clothing – Library Stamp T-shirt – Great t-shirts with vintage book artwork. Awesome Shopify store.

Cylindrical Ice Cream Scoop – If you’re going to eat ice cream, why not eat it shaped like a cylinder. I like ice cream.

The Hanging Cocoon – Hammocks are awesome, but awkward to hang and use gracefully.  I would probably fall out of this less than a traditional hammock.

The Power Nap Head Pillow – Yeah… this isn’t weird at all… But sleep is important, and of all the head/neck pillows out there, this one is actually kind of acceptable looking if you don’t mind looking like an onion.

Star Trek TNG PJs – Just can’t decide wether I’m a science or command officer.

Herschel City Backpack – If I ever needed a backpack again, this one would be suitably delightful to wear.

Wood/Aluminum tables – Love the look of these. Also, I have stuff that would look nice placed upon them.

Loopita seat – There is absolutely no room in my apartment for this… but perhaps I could bring it to the office? Looks like a comfy place to work.

Large Cross-stitch Artwork – I could totally make this. Perhaps something to attempt in the new year!

YogaPaws or Nike Studio Wraps – Sometimes I prefer a better grip while I’m getting my yoga on.

Hickies Shoelaces – I may never have to tie my laces ever again! Another fancy schmancy Shopify shop.

Pure City Cycle – Hey there beautiful bicycle… I would like to own you someday! Maybe next summer.

That’s my list for this year! What would you put on your list? Hope you have a wonderful holiday season with lots of family, friends, and love.


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