Oh hey there old friend! Haven’t seen you in a while. Mind if I settle back in here for a while? Don’t mind if I do!

I’m on day 86 of a 100 day quest. One in which I play with temporary tattoos every day. Why? Well…. Why not? As you’ve probably heard me mention before, I’m a big fan of Tattly. They’re doing something right with temporary tattoos, and I implore you to check them out. Not only are their tattoos wearable, and awesome, they source their designs from artists who then get paid for their work. Check them out and get a couple of vegetables for your neck.

When Tattly caught wind of what I was up to on Instagram (look for #100daysoftattly), they sent me along a sweet package of temporary treats that ended up travelling with me through Europe in late September.

Join me on Instagram (@jennnjarvis) and be sure to catch the final 14 days of Tattly!**

9 of my favourite days
9 of my favourite days

**I have enough tattoos to keep going beyond 14 days… And I doubt I’ll be tired of wearing them, so don’t be worried if you can’t get on Instagram for a fortnight.

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