Feliz Dia de les Madres

April 27, 2013

Tonight was my last dinner at the resort in Cuba.  My regular waiter greeted me with hugs, kisses, and told me again that my mouth is beautiful (I think he means “smile”, but I could be wrong… Nothin’ like a good mouth).

He told me that he was going to go grab the present that he said he would bring for me today.  Me = excited. He brought it to the table.  It’s a plastic wrapped figurine of two white bears hugging. There’s a little card inside that reads “Para Que Tengas Un Recuerdo Mio”.  I asked him to translate and he told me it means “Remember Me Forever”.**

There is more at the bottom of the card that looked familiar to me (cause this girl took two semesters of Intro to Spanish at Bishop’s).  After my waiter left me to eat, I worked it out in my head… “Feliz Dia de les Madres” means “Happy Mother’s Day”.  Hmmmm…. not sure how all of this works into his efforts to romance this girl… But at least it made me laugh.

Good Intentions... Strange Message.
Good Intentions… Strange Message.

**Google Translate tells me it means: “So you have a Mio remember”.  Close enough.

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