April 25, 2013

Woke up today with a sore throat.  Upon investigation, I found a raw, red, throat.  It’s likely attributed to the Shopify plague that I had somehow avoided up until now.  Happy to have a little bit of Shopify on vacation with me, I guess.

In my search through the gift shop for something soothing, I came across a 50 pack of Snesh.  First off, the name made me laugh.  It reminded me of the old Raccoons cartoon bad guy, Cyril Sneer… or a mash up of words that don’t really go together well.

Snesh is a cherry flavoured candy on a stick with gum in the middle… and on top of the mass amounts of liquid I’m consuming, Snesh is making my throat feel just a little bit better, I think!


Update:  I’m not a doctor or anything, but Snesh cured me.  2 days later and I’m perfectly fine!

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