Unemployment… I don’t love it… so why am I writing about it?  This is my space for breeding positivity by talking about the things that I love… why stain it with the topic of unemployment?? I guess that I need to share some of the positivity that has come out of this experience… so here goes!

I have never been unemployed before now.  Following University, I had already lined up 2 part time jobs that started immediately, and when one of them turned full time, I stayed with the company for 10 years, moving up the ranks into a leadership role.  

In August of 2010, I needed a change and interviewed for a position in a different field which resulted in my career change.  It was a rewarding job when things went well but looking back, with a radical culture change came a lot of uncertainty in my day to day work. My coworkers, clients and candidates that I would interact with on a day to day basis made me happy and kept me comfortable in my role, but there was an underlying instability.  On June 13th, after 18 months with the company, they decided that “despite my best efforts” I was unable to be successful in my role. The decision had already been made, and I am not someone who would argue to stay with a company that no longer wants them, so I accepted the decision and cleared out my desk.  It was confusing, surprising and hurtful. Just the day before, I had been awarded a prize for being one of the top 5 consultants in the country to reach a goal and had received two glowing comments from two very special clients. I felt like I had had the rug pulled out from underneath me.

But here’s the LOVE part… within minutes of changing my Linkedin profile and putting it out there on Twitter/Text/Email, I was flooded with responses from former colleagues, former clients, former candidates, friends, teammates, family and strangers.  They were so incredibly supportive and kind. I was receiving tweets, DMs, texts, emails, LinkedIn Messages and phone calls from people who wanted to support me.  People were reaching out to me offering assistance with my job search or even a coffee date to brighten my day.  Every message of support was so incredibly appreciated.  

Being let go sucks. It’s confidence breaking.  It makes you second guess your value and self worth… But the genuine support, appreciation and love that comes out of your network when it happens is brilliant. 

Thanks to everyone who has reached out in whatever way they could. I will be sure to send out an update with any good news on this front. 

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