Eating like a Vegetarian

A few weekends ago I went on a road trip to Toronto for a roller derby tournament.  Often paired with road trips are poor food choices and this was one of these times.  I didn’t plan meals for the road, so I ended up eating a primarily junk food diet – hamburgers, pizza, poutine, Starbucks, etc… By the time I arrived back in Ottawa on the Sunday, I could tell that there was something missing.  On our way to Sunday practice, ‘Wry and Ginger’ and I stopped at the grocery store for dinner and despite my plans to pick up something hot and quick, we made a beeline to the prepared salads.  Back at W&G’s house, we sat in silence as we stuffed our salads in our mouth holes.  That’s what had been missing!  Vegetables!  I was eating this bowl of salad as though it was a bowl of poutine, but it felt SO MUCH BETTER.

This past weekend, my parents came through town on their way home from Jamaica.  They announced as we were planning for dinner that they were now vegetarians.  My family has always been a “meat and potatoes” kind of family so it was interesting for me to hear about their new adventures in eating.  They read a book about Eating to Live – getting all of the nutrition you need from plant, legume and grain sources., nothing processed and no additional fats, oils, sugars or salts. Meats are cut out essentially because they are less nutrient dense than vegetables. 

The basic diet that they are following is this:

1 pound of raw vegetables per day (focus on green vegetables)

1 pound of cooked vegetables per day (focus on green vegetables)

1 cup of beans, legumes, bean sprouts or tofu per day

4 fresh fruit servings per day


Eating Limited:

Starchy vegetables and whole grains – squash, corn, potatoes, rice, sweet potatoes, bread (no more than 1 serving or 1 cup per day)

Raw nuts and seeds (1 oz max per day)

Avocado (2 oz max per day)

Dried fruits (2 tablespoons max per day)

Ground flaxseed (1 tablespoon max per day)


Eating No:

Dairy products

Animal products

Between meal-time snacks

Fruit juice



After reading the book myself, it makes sense.  I have flirted with vegetarianism and eating clean, but never really stuck with it. I’m ready to give this a try.  It’s really vegan and with the unprocessed food addition it is going to be a challenge for a girl who once ate a whole package of bacon over the course of one day in university (it was the last day of school and we didn’t want it to go to waste and we had no other food), but it’s not impossible. 

I’m interested to see the results!   I already know that my body craves vegetables and I’m convinced that I can get all of the nutrients that I need from eating fruits, veggies and beans… so we’ll see what happens!  Will I feel better? Will I have fewer migraines? Have more energy?  Gain superhuman powers?

I’ll let you know :)


3 thoughts on “Eating like a Vegetarian

  1. I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures in veganism! We can be vegan friends! I have a million recipes that I can pass along, as well!

    Hope to see you Monday night! XO

  2. Love your blog. We are still very committed to our new food choices and are becoming more creative. Miss The Table though. Nice thing about thr food plan is that I can still have a glass of wine!

    Love Mum

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