Fortunate One

This is how the cookie crumbles
Don't steal my lucky numbers!

If I had to single out one thing that I love about being in the business that I am in, it would have to be the people. I’m in a competitive and sometimes complicated industry where on a regular day, I am attempting to advocate for people looking for work while trying to find the jobs for people to be placed in. It’s not easy when there are often literally hundreds of people expecting you to help them in whatever way you can. There is a lot of juggling of tasks to make sure that you please as many people as possible. And I love it.

The relationships that I have had the opportunity to build with candidates and clients alike are priceless. When I am able to place someone in a job where they are exactly the perfect fit and I just know that they are going to be able to grow with a company makes me feel incredibly successful (even though I get nothing extra out of doing so – no commission). Understanding what a client is looking for and being able to find that diamond in the rough that solves their problem gives me a thrill. I love helping people.

It’s not always the most rewarding job in the world. I have bad days at work just like everyone else. There are days when no matter what I do, I just can’t find the person that I am looking for. On the bright side though, it forces me to get creative… and I’m really good at creative.

Do I believe my fortune today? Absolutely… but it won’t happen by chance. I will have good luck in my business affairs because I work hard, build strong relationships and I don’t give up when circumstances make the job more difficult. You can’t be successful by accident.


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