Reputation > Money


Who wouldn’t want financial freedom?  Every lottery commercial I see tells me how much better my life would be if I would just win the lottery for once. Just imagine what you could do with a schmabillion dollars!  Travel, no need to work, a monkey butler…. the possibilities are endless!

I guess though that this fortune is telling me that having good friends, relationships and people who like me for me (and not the 70 Bajillion dollars in my bank account) is more important. Money can be fleeting.  If you’re wise, you do your best to save it for a rainy day… but isn’t having a good friend there to talk to and share a bottle of wine with more valuable during those rainy moments of your life? Can money listen to you, give you advice, cheer you on, go on a lady date, hold your hand, snuggle or give you a hug when you’ve had a horrible day?  No.

Having good friends who stick with you and having a good reputation go hand in hand to some degree.  There are those people who will, without a doubt, ultimately vouch for you when you least expect it, and that can lead to new friends, contacts and associates who can further enrich your life without earning you a single dollar.


One thought on “Reputation > Money

  1. An abundance of money is nice. But the love of friends is priceless. Given a choice between the two I’d choose friendship every time.

    Also? The thought of a monkey butler is TERRIFYING!

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