Inspiration from a Cookie

On my lunch hour today, I treated myself to a Chinese Food treat and thought about this blog. As you may have noticed, I’m rather inconsistent with my writing. The point of my having this small corner of the internet is to share my thoughts about things that I love and that interest me, however I sometimes need a little inspiration beyond the things that I love. I need that little push that is going to put me over the edge to being consistent.  At the end of my meal, I broke into my fortune cookie and got this gem…

Well then… who am I to argue with a fortune cookie? Suddenly inspired, I made a trip over to the Bulk Barn where I knew that I could find more fortune cookies. Lots of fortune cookies. The plan: To use a fortune cookie fortune to inspire a daily blog post.

At the bulk barn, I shovelled individually wrapped fortune cookies into my bag while wondering to myself How many of these will I need?  My brain thought back at me Doesn’t matter.  Fill it up until you think you have enough.  And so I did.

So I don’t know how many are in there. And I don’t think it matters. I just know that the goal is to write each post based on what I gather from each individual fortune. I’m going to try writing every day. In fact, the daily incentive of a cookie might just push me to write… mmm…. cookies.

Let’s see what happens!

My mind is set.  I am confident. Lead on!

One thought on “Inspiration from a Cookie

  1. Fun idea! I love fortune cookies and keep some of the best gems on the wall in my office. Here’s a good one for you:
    “Stop searching. Happiness is just next to you.”

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