Better Late Than Never

On my last day of November vacation, I took a trip that was 15 years in the making.  I hopped on the bus and took the 10 minute ride down the street to my local DriveTest office where I applied for my very first driver’s licence.  The experience was interesting.  A lot of waiting.  A lot of cranky confused people.  Several screaming babies.  But my two hour wait gave me some much needed people watching time (and really, the people were quite interesting).  There was a great mix of anticipation, frustration, annoyance and excitement coming from young and old.

I ended up getting some great service from the employees there.  They were friendly and helpful making the experience very pleasant.  There were a couple of well timed jokes from the ladies processing my application – and the written test lady asked if I wanted to take the test in Chinese for an additional challenge.  Tempting… but I ultimately went with English.  (PS… I got 100% on the written test)

Don’t blame me if I show off my temporary licence when I see you.  I’m pretty proud of it.  Looking back, I couldn’t even tell you why I waited so long to get it. It just never ended up being a priority for me.  Looking forward, there are a lot of steps left before I can freely drive on my own – but I’m excited to start learning.

To move me towards my goal of being fully licenced, I have started looking at cars.  Here is my favourite so far…

Fiat 500

I’ll start saving now so that I can fret over which colour I would like as soon as I have my G2.  (It comes in 14 colours!!)

Check out the Fiat 500 here.

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