Recently, I made an appointment to see one of my favourite people… My hairstylist.

My hair has often been a challenge throughout my life. I could go on and on about my sadness that curls are not in my gene pool. My stick straight hair is defiant in that it really and truly wants to be straight and despite my efforts to manipulate it, it always finds it’s way back to boring. The one thing that I have always claimed control over when it comes to my hair has been the colour. Having been born as a blonde that eventually turned “dirty blonde” over the years, I have always identified with the hair colour of my youth. I have explored every end of the blonde spectrum from almost white to strawberry to a dark blonde. It always feels right when my hair colour is light.

However, I have a need for change. My hair has been red and brown and black and more interestingly green, pink, and purple. My hair has been all lengths from the super short asymmetrical cut of my late 20’s to the experiment with bonded extensions last year (I still miss them dearly).

As I sat in Nelson’s chair, I felt impulsive and ready for a change, so when he asked if I wanted to do something different, I was all ears. It was almost a fiery red that made the cut, but when it was suggested that a combo of brown and purple would mix nicely to become a dark brown with very subtle purple shininess, I was on fully on board.

After committing to the colour, we had the bangs conversation. I love bangs, but suffer from a horrible cowlick on the right side of my forehead. Nelson is a professional however, and with a couple of strategic moves, I was finally sporting a full frontal bang with no sign of cowlick.

It’s important to shake things up, to try new things. It’s just hair. It grows back. It can be re-coloured (with the support of a professional).

When it comes to my hair, I’m completely fearless. I will try anything.¬†Sometimes I wish that I were more fearless in other areas of my life, but I find that I can be more tentative in nature when making the big decisions that I face. It should really be the same, right? It’s just life. It grows back. It can be fixed (with the support of your friends and family or a professional)


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