A Christmas Wish List

Every year, I get asked what I want for Christmas. To be honest, I have way too much stuff. I need to declutter my apartment, so adding more stuff doesn’t seem to make sense. But let’s pretend I had all the space in the world… Here is a completely unrealistic list of goodies that I would never ask anyone to get me, but would be fun to get just the same.

Please do not buy me anything on this list. It’s just for fun.

Unless you are actually Santa, in which case… Dear Santa, I am staying at Grandma’s house this Christmas. That’s where you can find me. Don’t get confused if I’m not at home. :)

Jen’s Unrealistic Wish List (Want-List) of Things That She Doesn’t Really Need

1. I’m an infomercial junkie – a sucker for the sales pitch. I currently have way too many items (some useful, some not) that were purchased from infomercials. Here are 2 that I don’t have, but find fascinating. The Forever Lazy and Eggies. Just imagine a lazy Sunday morning lounging around the house in a Forever Lazy eating easy hard-boiled eggs with no annoying peeling! Dreamy. Also intrigued by the Perfect Meatloaf Pan. Or pretty much anything you can buy off of TV really.

2. Due to my new found interest in driving, I have been looking at Dream Cars. Seems as though I’m looking for something small, colourful and zippy. Top choices so far are the Fiat, the iQ or anything Smart. Dear Santa – I look best in something blue, green or dark brown.

3. As the owner of too many pairs of shoes, this would just add to the pile that I already own… but they are just so darn adorable and they look so comfy. Toms.

4. New to skating, I definitely want to wait a little bit before venturing into the world of custom derby skates. My current skates are serving me well so far despite my feet being wide and weird. Perhaps once I have passed my minimum skills testing I can think about treating myself to a pair of these.

5. Fancy Schmancy Little Camera by Lytro. Neat.

6. LCD Writing Tablet. Smart Shopper. Anything from Urbanite Jewelry. A new awesome Couch.

So there you have it. My Wish List of things that I probably shouldn’t and won’t get for Christmas. I’m sure there is more – I see things everyday that strike my fancy.

My real list of wishes for the year is much nicer and all encompassing. This year I’m wishing for a happy and healthy year for all of my friends and family. I’m wishing for the energy to continue my moderately busy life without having to give up any of the creative, sporty or volunteer efforts that I have committed myself to. I’m hoping to spend more time with friends that I only see every so often and with my family who I don’t see nearly enough. Lastly, I wish for myself to make better choices and speak up about things that are important to me in every day life.

What’s on your list?

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