No Pants November

Inspired by this and this, I have decided to make November my own and go without pants for the whole month. Before you get too excited, I didn’t say bottomless… I said pantsless.

I have enough dresses and skirts spilling out of my closet that this is not logistically difficult – and I find that I like working in a skirt more than pants. The real challenge for me is going to be the lounge/home time. Typically I come home and change from my “work clothes” into my “play clothes” so that I can snuggle and lounge around as I do the things that I do. Pants are involved in this routine 90% of the time.

But wait! Won’t it get cold in November if I’m only wearing dresses/skirts? Not if I’m wearing tights! Since it is a universal fact that tights are not pants I have free reign to wear tights under any dress/skirt that I sport.

There will be only one exception to the rule. I will allow leggings or athletic wear only for roller derby purposes. However, I am recently the proud owner of a skort that should suffice for practice. Hooray!

Feel free to join me in No Pants November – send me your no pants pics in November!

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