Blog Love #2

I revel in a good long strong laugh. Anyone who can make me laugh and giggle with glee is much appreciated in my life. Oftentimes, when I start laughing, I can’t stop (which is nothing to complain about) and laugh induced tears and tummy aches ensue.

Check out some of the blogs that make me laugh, and laugh, and laugh…. – Ridiculousness makes me happy. As a somewhat crafty person who strongly believes in the importance of editing and looking objectively at one’s work, I am often astounded at the handicraft that is available for sale… and that people actually purchase it.

Every home needs their own fishsquirrel

Cake Wrecks – Similar to regretsy, Cake Wrecks showcases cakes gone horribly wrong. This site has reinforced for me the absolute decline of literacy in today’s society as most cakes have awful (yet hilarious) garbled icing messages.

I don’t have much to say about ManBabies… it kind of speaks for itself. I won’t even post a picture :)

Always looking for more great funny blogs to add to my “I’m on the bus and need a laugh” list.
Let me know about your favourites!

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