Flying Porter

Currently enjoying the wi-fi in the Porter lounge at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Centre Airport. I’m on my way home from a work tip to Toronto and thought I would take a moment to reflect on my favourite airline. I should admit that most of my love for Porter involves the free snacks. I’m a sucker for free stuff, and the inclusion of free snacks in the lounge and free beer/wine on the flight puts Porter immediately in my good books.

But it’s not just the free stuff. From my experience so far with Porter, in addition to not charging me 3 dollars for a can of soda, they offer truly unparalleled service.

Thinking back on my very first flight with Porter about 3 years ago, an effort was made to turn an uncomfortable situation for me into a great customer experience.
While being served my drink, I was inadvertently soaked with an unruly beer. It couldn’t handle the pressure I imagine and it ended up mostly in my lap. As the patient and understanding traveller that I am, I brushed it off and didn’t make a big deal about my wet lap. Stuff like that happens, and although it was inconvenient and uncomfortable, I was fine.
The man-steward was highly apologetic despite the fact that it was completely unintentional and took it upon himself to make sure that the rest of my flight was brilliant. He brought me several towels to sop up the liquid, and he offered me extra snacks and 2 beers to replace the one that had sprayed and leaked on me. He took the time to get to know me and while performing his standard duties in flight, he made a point of returning to me to check in each time he passed by.
As I was preparing to disembark and the flight crew was in the process of unloading the passengers before heading to Halifax, he (jokingly?) told me to just stay on board and come to Halifax with them “just for fun”. I declined the extended flight as I had to get home, and even though he was probably just trying to be nice because it was his job, I appreciated the sincere look of disappointment when I turned him down.
He made me feel like he cared about how I was doing and I appreciated it.
Upon returning home, I wrote a letter to Porter to make sure that the good feedback was received.

Since that experience, when I have the choice, I choose Porter. That one flight has made me a loyal, returning customer who recommends the airline to anyone who will listen.

One thought on “Flying Porter

  1. Sigh… I wish I had better experiences on Porter. I was once assaulted (yes – like, not in the press charges kind of assaulted, but shoved by a horrible man IN FRONT OF HIS FAMILY). The second time I flew, I was given a “snack” which turned out to be a chicken sandwich (you know I’m veg – why no veg options, Porter?) The free beer was nice, though.

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