Clearly I’m not the most consistent blogger.
There are no excuses for ignoring this space, except that I’ve been busy with the stuff that I do and I haven’t found the time to make a record of the stuff that I do.

What’s been going on for the past month?

The big new love in my life is roller derby. I have joined up with the Capital City Derby Dolls and am eagerly throwing myself into learning the basics and the skills so that I can eventually play for real.
How did it all start? Answering the call to a derby open house was the first step. From there, I made the commitment to purchase all of the necessary safety equipment, leggings and tights that I needed to play. (The tights weren’t a “need”, but I didn’t want to destroy all of my “everyday tights”)

So far, I’m having a blast. I keep mostly upright with very little unintentional falling. I am working on learning all of the minimum skills required to train and play the game. The ladies I have met are incredibly supportive and funny and truly push me to want to be better. After years of shunning organized sports, I have finally found one that I want to stick with; one that I can’t see myself losing interest in.
Of course, I have more unexplained bruises than normal… Yes, I have a renewed passion/addiction for knee socks… Sure I’m constantly thinking about where I can find a local smooth indoor space to skate on… But I’m making new friends and meeting interesting people doing something super fun.
Loving derby – and so far, it seems to love me back.

What else? Quilts. Lots and lots of quilts. I have been a hobby sewer for a long time and for just over a year now, I have been making patchwork quilts. Mostly, I make them for a charitable organization called Victoria’s Quilts. They have a wonderful mandate that I truly believe in, so the time and effort that it takes to be involved with them is very worth it.

Most recently I have made some quilts on the side for friends who are having babies and right now I am constructing two quilt tops from some ladies my mom is acquainted with. They have both been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, so my mom has commissioned me to come up with some colourful heart quilt tops that will be finished and hand quilted by some lady quilters in New Brunswick. In addition to the breast cancer quilts, I have committed to making 4 more quilts by the end of the year for Victoria’s Quilts, I have one or two commissions that I need to put together for Christmas gifts and i have a couple of ideas for quilts that I would like for myself…

I can’t be blamed for not blogging. You can’t expect me to be a quilting master, a future roller derby star AND a consistent blogger while often staying late at my crazy busy full-time job, right?

I suppose the one subscriber to my blog deserves better. And my mom. My mom reads this, so she deserves more insight into my life I guess. (Hi Mom!)

For now, unless I figure out how to squeeze an extra 3 hours into my day, it looks as though I’m going to try and write at least one post per week. And then, once I get really good as this blogging thing, then perhaps I will push it up to two. But please, be prepared for me to forget and ignore this for another month.

There are only so many things that I can be awesome at all at once.

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