Holy Cannoli

Last week at the opening of the Farmer’s Market, I discovered a booth that carries one of my favourite things: Cannoli. There’s just something about the combo of a crispy shell stuffed with creamy filling and chocolate that I just can’t resist.

Early this morning, Mark and I made our regular Sunday visit to Brewer Park to check out this week’s local haul, and I couldn’t help but head back to Bunz and Ballz for a treat.

They aren’t your regular cannoli.  The outer shell is very reminiscent of Cinnamon Toast Crunch… or a Beavertail. It’s not traditional at all, but I love this departure from the norm.  Crispy, sugary, cinnamony… and just perfect. The filling is ridiculously good as well.  Sweet, creamy, and delicious – with the occasional bit of chocolate.

Ottawa's most delicious cannoli
Ottawa’s most delicious cannoli

Until recently, the best cannoli that I had was last October in a New York City deli… I’ve got a new favourite though – and it’s local. No plane ticket required!

You can find Bunz and Ballz in the Brewer Park Farmer’s Market on Sundays in the Food Court.  Looks like you can find them on Facebook and Twitter as well.  If you like dessert, give them a try!

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