Banana Bread?

Being on Pinterest means that you find a whole lot of interesting recipes. It also means that you end up with a pile of unmade recipes… or you get experimental one day and throw caution to the wind.

Today I decided to try a vegan, oil free, sugar free Banana Bread.  It’s essentially taking most of the good things out of something delicious and hoping it all works out, right? Challenge Accepted.

Mark seemed incredibly skeptical, but it seemed like it balanced out all of the normally included items will acceptable substitutions (refined sugar replaced by maple syrup? yes please), so I gave it a go.

Looks good to me!
Looks good so far!

You prep all of the dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately just like normal.  Then you mix the two of them together.

Still looks pretty normal, I guess... But it's been a while since I've baked.
Still looks pretty normal, I guess… But it’s been a while since I’ve baked.

I greased the loaf pan with coconut oil – the best of all the oils – and poured my experiment into the pan.

Will it bread?
Will it bread?

48 minutes later, I took a peek… and LIKE MAGIC… it looked as though things had turned into something resembling Banana Bread!  To make it more appealing, I tossed a few chocolate chips in there… if it tasted like cardboard, at least it would be chocolate cardboard.

My taste tester tried it out while still warm.  The verdict?  It’s an “8 out of 10”.  Where did I lose points? “It’s not my mom’s”.

Can’t win everytime.

Chocolate makes everything better.
Chocolate makes everything better.

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