That’s So Smoothie

I’m a big smoothie fan.  I have one every day at work – they’re always delicious, well-made, and healthy.  But then I get to the weekend and I don’t have smoothies and I get just a little bit sad (smoothie sad, not serious sad).  All of that is about to change my friends!  Over the holidays, I have acquired tools with which to make my own smoothies. Hooray!

I am now the proud owner of a NutriBullet.  It’s not fancy – It’s essentially a higher powered MagicBullet with a fancier blade, but it will do the trick! Ignoring all of the recipes for smoothies in the NutriBullet handbook, I did some experimenting this afternoon… and as I write this, I’m enjoying a delicious kale-pineapple-berry-flax smoothie.  It’s greener than any smoothie I have ingested before, but definitely a tasty treat.  And it took no time at all to make!  I may liquefy all of my meals from now on.

Fancy New NutriBullet
Fancy New NutriBullet
All Good Stuff
All Good Stuff
Everything's getting all blendy!
Everything’s getting all blendy!
Put 'er in a jar topped with a Cuppow and I'm ready to roll.
Put ‘er in a jar topped with a Cuppow and I’m ready to roll.

If you have a favourite smoothie recipe, pass it along!

One thought on “That’s So Smoothie

  1. If you’re in a chocolatey protein mood:

    Chocolate almond milk
    Banana (or half depending on how banana-y you’d like it)
    a tbsp-ish of peanut butter, almond butter or other nut butter
    Protein powder
    Ice cubes

    My imitation of the Sonic Soy from Booster Juice:

    – Frozen blueberries
    – Greek Plain (or vanilla) Yogurt
    – A couple frozen strawberries
    – Half a banana if I feel like it
    – Vanilla Soy or Almond milk

    (Basically you want blueberry and vanilla- YUM!)

    I always have availiable and you can create in the morning:
    – Blueberries (I buy frozen in bulk)
    – Mangoes (I buy frozen in bulk)
    – Strawberries (I buy frozen in bulk)
    – Raspberries (I buy frozen in bulk)
    – Yogurt (I do plain greek)
    – Milk (soy, almond, rice whatever you prefer in any flavour)

    And if you want, I recently found out you can make your own almond milk!


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