The Annual “Don’t Buy Me Stuff For Christmas” List

I’ve come to the realization that I have too many things.  Decluttering my apartment has become a regular activity as space is fairly limited, and I feel like I’ve accumulated too many things that I just don’t use anymore.  But every year, I release my list of things that I think are awesome. So I’m going to continue to do that – because it’s tradition.  Oprah does it… so I do too.  And I’m way more awesome than Oprah, I think.

Please don’t get me anything from this list for Christmas.  All I want this year is to spend time with my family and the people that I love.  I would like hot apple cider, a warm hand to hold, and a cold nose from playing outside.  I want happiness, success, and health for everyone that I know.

But in the spirit of Oprah… Here’s a list of my FAVOURITE THIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNGGGSSSS!!!! < say it like Oprah.

Curl Secret – From birth, I was cursed with stick straight hair… so I do things to it.  Typically, I’m curling or crimping.  Then, I discovered a secret… The Curl Secret.  It’s a horrible name for a hair tool.  It looks like magic though.  Just sucks your hair up and shoots it out curly.  Either I’ll end up with luscious curls, or a tangled mess of burning hair.  I’m willing to try and find out.

Cuppow! – Turns any mason jar into an adult travel mug/sippy cup. They also have a bento cup as well!  Delicious – and a great use of a glass jar.  Sold on Shopify!

Nutribullet – I’ve always been a sucker for an infomercial product – People just don’t know how to do anything right!* AND I want to start making smoothies and blending healthy stuff together. I don’t have a regular blender, so right now I make smoothies by mashing things together with my bare hands… if only I had the Nutribullet. (*I kind of wish I was the lady with the saran wrap in the above linked video)

Sumo Beanbag Chair – We have these all over work.  They are super comfy, versatile, durable… and did I mention comfy?  More than once, I have napped happily on a pile of these suckers. So awesome. And comfy.

The Pixel Painter – Another Shopify store that I have grown to love!  The story of this artist is just wonderful and his art is right up my alley.  Bonus Points: Mr. Lasko is computer savvy and in his 90’s.  I’m automatically a fan of anyone in their 90’s who jumps into using computers.

New Glassware – Recently, I broke one of my favourite glasses and ever since, I’ve been stuck with an odd number of drinking glasses.  I’m a fan of the Bodem Pilatus… You can use it for cold AND hot drinks!  Fancy!  But be careful when you wash them because they are made of glass and break easily!

Running Gear – In the new year, I’m going to be a runner.  Mark and I have signed up to run a 5k in May, so I’ve got to start running.  I can skate, so running is just like that but without wheels, right? In the new year, I plan on Sportify-ing a new pair of sneaks – so I’m on the lookout for the most obnoxiously colourful shoes.  Like these perhaps? – The final Shopify store on my list.  I would wear any dress from their shop.  Plus they’re Canadian (based in Montreal).  Just try and show me a dress in their shop that I don’t like.  I promise, it’s impossible to find one.

A PUPPY – I have puppy fever.  I would like a little furry friend to snuggle.  A cuddly puppy who is apartment sized, and adorable, and happy.

So those are the things that I would ask for if I were asking for things.  But I’m not asking for things… Except maybe one thing…  If anything, I’m hoping for a pair of knitted socks from my Mom or Grandma.  Something handmade and cozy will do.

What’s on your list this year?

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