Buy Nothing November

Usually this time of year, I’m giving up pants for the month.  I typically challenge myself to wear skirts and dresses for November, just for fun.  The problem?  It’s cold! Last year, I shivered my way through the month and found myself constantly wishing for warmth.  So this year, I decided to try something new… and cross something off of my list of things to do… It’s Buy Nothing November!

The Rules:


  1. I am only allowed to buy food and essentials… if I run out of toilet paper, I’m not supposed to get creative.
  2. No ordering take out.  Food must be purchased in a grocery store.
  3. This is not an excuse to hibernate – I must make efforts to enjoy the world and not sit on my couch absorbing the television.
  4. Anything that is a regular monthly expense (bus pass, internet) is allowed.
  5. If somebody buys me something, it’s ok to accept it, but I will not pressure people to buy me things.
  6. No taxis or other paid services that I would typically indulge in (getting my hair cut is going to have to wait until December)

Why was this something on my list? Probably because it’s always good to be cost conscious and aware of your spending.  The little things that you buy in a month can add up to a chunk of change, so why not make an effort to be aware?

Mark is joining me in this little adventure which is awesome.  It’s great to have someone to think of fun, free activities with!  So far, we have gone for an afternoon walk at the Experimental Farm and enjoyed free museum night at the National Gallery of Canada.  I have some free movie passes from work that I haven’t used yet, so we’re not without things to do.  That being said, we’re always on the lookout for something interesting to experience – so let me know of any fun, free things going on in the Ottawa region!

In the meantime, if I turn down a chance to go out for dinner or grab a drink – it’s not because I don’t want to hang out… it’s just because it’s November. I still think you’re awesome.

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