Hello Again Old Friend

Sometimes life passes and you realize that you haven’t seen an old friend for 11 years.  Yesterday I was able to catch up with an old pal who once played a big part in my life – and I’m so glad that life gives you the opportunity to reconnect with people who mean a lot.

Adam and I met up in Vancouver for lunch (Delicious. Vegan. Raw… try Gorilla Food if you’re ever in Vancouver) and were able to enjoy the beautiful weather in a nearby park.  The most important thing that you need to know about Adam is that he is (and always has been) a bundle of joy.  His laugh is contagious and he is full of such a happy energy.

Hanging out with Adam D
The joyful Adam D.

We chatted about life, family, food, business, and love.  It was as though I see him all the time. It was great to hear that he is doing so well and that his family is well and growing. He’s got big plans for living, so keep your eyes peeled for what he is working on and investing his time in!

The lesson learned today: Even if you lose touch with an old friend, the good ones are always there, just waiting to share some laughs, happiness, threads of wisdom, and caring – all of the same things that they brought to your life before… just in an older, wiser, adult way.

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