Swapping Clothes

Love clothes, but on a budget?  Get yourself invited to a clothing swap already!!  Awesome lady Jes Lacasse (@jeslacasse) throws one of the best swaps in town.  The clothes are plentiful (for all shapes and sizes), there are ladies stripped down to their secretpants helping each other find new treasures, and the conversation ranges from jobs, to boys, to the newest craze in exercise equipment!

Today’s swap hosted by Jes was no disappointment.  Joined by the lovely Nadine (@nadinethornehill) and new friend Kim (@missbontemps), we pawed through piles of previously loved clothes to find them new homes on our bodies.  Compliments abound when the right dress met the right lady… and all I know is that if I’m ever looking for new jeans, I need to shop for them in Nadine’s closet.

I ended up with SO MUCH fun new clothing… for FREE!  3 pairs of jeans, 4 skirts, 4 dresses (one of them wildly inappropriate for almost every occasion), 4 tops, 1 jacket, 1 sweater, 3 pairs of sunglasses, 3 bracelets, and a dangerous pair of suspenders… I may become that girl who wears suspenders all the time… Fair warning.

New clothes!
New clothes!

Get yourself a group of fashionable ladies together… take off your clothes… and get swapping!!

**One of my favourite moments from today’s swap: Watching Nadine discover the Shake Weight on YouTube**

2 thoughts on “Swapping Clothes

  1. I love swaps! and am always on the lookout for a good one. let me know next time! I also have a large swap-ready pile that keeps growing…

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