Love, Jen Jarvis

Today I tried something new.  I changed the part in my hair.  Everyone thinks I got my hair cut, but it’s the same ol’ head of hair up there.

Sometimes a little change makes a difference.

Every time someone asked me what my blog name was, I would just send them a link… or tell them to click the link on my twitter profile… cause it wasn’t a name that was easily communicated… evolovevolove was chosen because I couldn’t think of anything better at the time… but I knew that the blog was about love… so that’s what it became (and because was already taken)

2013 is a new year though.  One of change.  So I chose something new. Something I liked.  Something pronounceable.  My new blog name/domain isn’t an order, its a wish or a sign-off, or a way of living.  I’m Jen Jarvis – and it’s all about love :)

Tell your friends…

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