Today is my Mom’s Birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!)


Just want to take a moment to recognize what a special mom she is.  She is one of the people who regularly reads this little blog, so it’s really fitting that she should have a post dedicated to her.

My mom has always been one of my biggest fans.  She supports me when I’m about to make big decisions and she is my eternal cheerleader when I’m just living my everyday normal life. Mom keeps up with the times – she’s got her own iPad mini, has a twitter account where she follows Anne Murray, and seems to be one of the only people on her side of the family who understands what I do for a living.

When I was in university, my mom made all the other kids jealous by sending me care packages that rivalled every other care package that was sent to any other student ever.  Food, candles, books, vanilla hand cream, and more were all accompanied by cards and notes that would make me cry and miss home, but feel confident about my life and choices.

To sum up what my mom is like… here’s one of those cards that she sent me that I have kept… that makes me a touch weepy when I read it even today… because I know that she really means it. (Click to get the bigger picture)

photo (1)

All this to say that I love my Mom.  I think she’s great and awesome and funny and kind… and as proud as she is of me, I am equally as proud of her, for being such a fantastic mom for my entire life.

One thought on “Mom

  1. I’m crying too! Thank you! Still, as always, very proud of you. You are a wonderful young woman! I wish we lived closer to each other, especially right now when my mother’s sense tells me that would be a good thing. But know, that if you need me, I will drop everything to be there with you. I remember sending you a case of those one bite chocolate muffin things while you were at Bishops. Nothing like a bit of chocolate to perk a girl up when needed. It was great spending time with you at Christmas, if you need us, our March Break starts March 1st. Love mum

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