33 For 33

It’s that time of year again!  Last year I released a list of 51 things that I wanted to do in 2012.  I was successful with crossing some things off my list… But I didn’t get to everything.  It happens… and I’m not beating myself up over it because this year was one full of busy times and unexpected twists and turns. My list is a little shorter this year (and conveniently matches up with my upcoming age… yup, 33 folks) and I have tacked on some things from last year’s list that I wasn’t able to complete to my satisfaction… and some that I did well with but want to continue.

Here it is!

33 For 33

1. Accept compliments gracefully

2. Sleep More

3. Frame Grandma’s Gift and get it to her

4. Call Mom/Dad, Grandma more often

5. Complete Couch to 5K

6. Make a will

7. Read at least 50 books

8. Declutter/Get rid of “stuff”

9. Sing at Karaeoke

10. Wash Dishes right away instead of leaving them for later.

11. Head back to Bishop’s for a fun weekend with Tuuli

12. Write a play

13. Take a week of vacation during Fringe

14. Complete the 300 Logic puzzles book

15. Donate at least 6 quilts to Victoria’s quilts

16. Watch all of Six Feet Under

17. Make the bed

18. Get my G2

19. Buy a new mattress

20. Take off makeup before bed

21. Buy Nothing Month (except food and necessities!)

22. Learn an instrument.

23. Get rid of cable

24. Try out for the Dolly Rogers

25. Learn to Shoot the Duck

26. Take a vacation somewhere warm

27. Visit NYC

28. Make a really awesome playlist

29. Tell people that they’re awesome when they are

30. Refinish a piece of furniture

31. Use Pinterest for something useful

32. Send more mail

33. Focus on my Style Direction every day

What’s on your list for the year?

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