No Pants? No Problem

I’m almost halfway through my month of No Pants and so far, it’s been awesome :)  I haven’t had a challenge dressing myself… the challenges have all come in the form of weather.  Ottawa is pretty bipolar when it comes to weather. One day it’s 20 degrees, the next day it’s freezing and snowing – It’s tough to figure out to wear when you don’t know what Mother Nature is about to throw at you.  Not to mention the wind.  Ottawa is a virtual wind tunnel this time of year which means that I have to keep an eye on my skirts, lest I become a lady who accidentally flashes passer by.

I apologize to anyone who has been subject to my squealing as I try to hold my skirt down when the wind just wont let it stay put… but I’m a lady, and I’m not wearing pants.

And now… the outfits!

Cute vintage looking dress right after I let my hair out of their curlers (Am I the only girl who uses curlers anymore?)
Vintage Hawaiian dress that I shortened to make awesome. My favourite NPN outfit so far!!
Another vintage look dressy dress. When I took this picture, I was super tired.
Who doesn’t love these socks? Multiple people stopped me in public to compliment these socks. I wear my heart on my knees instead of my sleeve.
This dress and these tights were worn on a windy day. Too many people saw too many of those bows on the streets of Ottawa.
It snowed outside today… so I’ve got all the layers on.

For those of you still reading this far underneath the pictures… I really should give an honourable mention to my mirror… It doesn’t provide you with the most awesome of self portraits but it’s doing it’s best.

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