Style Direction

Last Sunday I found out my Style Direction.  I know what you’re thinking… ‘Jen, you’re a pretty snappy dresser… why do you need a direction for your style?’  Well friends, let me tell you something… I’ve made numerous poor fashion choices in my life.  I have purchased clothes that I never ended up wearing.  I have worn (in public on too many occasions) an ill-fitting powder blue suit.  My wardrobe consists of way too many items of black clothes… a colour that just doesn’t do my complexion or my inside feelings any justice.

I put my fashion fate in the capable hands of Jes Lacasse.  She’s not just a great lady friend of mine, she’s a talented fashion pro who helps zero in on the right choices to make when dressing yourself.  She has helped me clear out my closet, find the unfindable when thrift shopping, and hosts incredible clothing swaps (If you can get an invite, GO!!! It’s one of the best swaps in town!).  She’s honest with me about my poor clothing choices and calls me out when I have purchased something truly horrible and unflattering (ie: the “sister wife” dress).

The sad, lunging sister wife waits for her hair to be braided.

Style Direction is a very involved process.  It starts with an in-person interview and leads to 19 pages of homework to zero in on the things that are important and essential to you in your life.  From the info that you share, Jes narrows down the prime keywords that you can use to define your style.  In my case, it was incredibly easy to narrow it down, and within minutes, I had super accurate descriptors that I truly identify with.  Was it a shocking experience? Not really… but it points me in the right direction, which is what I needed.

The result of a Style Direction isn’t just to tell you what to wear.  It’s more about your life and the way you live with style.  Following our meeting to talk about the words that make up my style direction, I received reminders and instructions for the best ways to explore, experience and live my Style Direction.  I’m interested/excited to see how it all works… I’m starting to integrate my Style Direction words into my every day and see them influencing the choices that I make.

If you are someone who is looking to focus your style and move forward with the inspiration to build style into the different aspects of your life, then Style Direction is definitely for you.  You learn a lot about yourself in the process and identify the things that you truly love and appreciate as well as the things that you could live without.

My Style Direction?  Creative Treasure :)

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