Good News! (or Why I Have Been a Neglectful Blogger)

I’ve been neglecting you, blog!!  But I’ve been busy… because of this Important News: I’m Employed Again!  Hooray!

Being unemployed and searching for jobs was definitely a new/strange/time-consuming/crazy process.  As a job seeker, it was incredibly frustrating to be on the other side of things after working in staffing… applying for jobs, not hearing back from companies, interviewing for jobs that were super interesting but not really knowing how I felt about working for them… Certainly not a process that I want to go through anytime in the near future.

After 3 months and 7 days, I received an offer from a company that I was eager to be a part of… and as it turns out, it’s a great fit.  The people are awesome, the work is challenging and engaging and exciting, there is a sense of freedom and happiness and creativity… and I love it.  I work at Shopify.  I’m a Guru.  For real.  That’s my job title.  Shopify rocks because they really value the people who work there.  You’re given the opportunity to take charge, be awesome, and do what it takes to help people and make the whole e-commerce experience an exciting one.  There is so much support from the team and everyone backs each other up and looks after each other.  People work really hard and have fun while they’re doing it.  It’s exactly the kind of culture and environment that I was looking and hoping for.  It makes me happy and excited to go to work every day.  On top of it all, they let me get up in front of everyone during my first week there – in my roller derby gear – to tell them about one of the things that I love to do when I’m not at work.  It’s a company that takes an interest in the people who work there.  Love it.

Covered in Shopify :)

I’m so excited about this new opportunity and the potential to grow and make a difference in this role… The only problem?  My Grandma has no clue what my job is or what I do or how the internet works.  It may take her a while to understand that I have a legitimate job.  :)  Oh well.

2 thoughts on “Good News! (or Why I Have Been a Neglectful Blogger)

  1. Don’t see that happening any time soon Jenn! The internet is evil. But she loves you for who you are and so do I. It has always been very important for you to work in an environment that you love and a fun place. Just remember you are not really working when you are doing what you love. I have always said that if you have great employees, they make you as the employer look great! Shopify must look really great!

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