Things I Love: Water Infuser

This past weekend, vegan wordsmith Delicate Plow’her and I took a trip out to the new Terra20 store in Ottawa. Terra20 is an eco-conscious department store that carries clothing, beauty care products, cleaning products, stationary products, and more!  On this trip, I was introduced to my new friend, a Water Infuser.

Minty Water… awesome.

One of my challenges with my new eating lifestyle is that I am limited in the liquids that I consume.  Water is ultimately best for you, so I am trying to drink loads of water… but it gets kind of boring on the taste buds. So, in steps the water infuser!

Inside the glass bottle, there is a plastic mesh filter that you can load with any kind of natural flavour enhancer that you like.  You can toss in fresh fruit or herbs and it will gently infuse your water with flavour in a natural way!  Yum!

So far I have tried it with raspberries and mint… it makes my water tasty without making a mess and without adding random sugars or unnatural ingredients.

Try it out if you can… you’ll wonder why you haven’t been drinking all of your water with mint! I know I am!!!

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