Treat Yourself

This morning I woke up feeling down.  My bum hurt from falling on my tailbone at derby last night and I wasn’t looking forward to a day stuck on the couch with ice in my pants.  I decided not to be a sad sack all day and called up my local esthetics place hoping to book myself in for a pedicure.  To my delight, they were having a special on a combo mani/pedi, so I decided to double treat myself and get both my toes and my nails done.  It was the best decision of the day as it turns out.  Loved the pampering and the relaxation… and now my nails look fantastic.


While there, I was thinking that I should make it a more regular thing to actively treat myself.  It doesn’t mean that I’m signing on for bi-weekly mani/pedis… cause frankly that’s going to get expensive, but actively rewarding myself with little joys might just make life a little more fun.  Whether it be a bottle of wine, an “at home spa day”, a “phones off” movie night, or a fancy new nail polish colour, I want to make an effort to treat myself more regularly.

Additionally, I think it’s important to add a little bit of joy into the lives of others, so I’m thinking of ways to treat others and make them feel special.  A card, a lunch, an offer to help with a special project, or simply a smile and a hug… small joys = warm hearts.

What do you do to treat yourself and those you love?  Let me know so I can add it to my list!

3 thoughts on “Treat Yourself

  1. After losing weight, I didn’t want to treat myself with food, so I ordered two dresses from Sears outlet, size 8. Don’t want to buy too much because I have more to lose,but I needed clothes for work. Feels great to wear clothes in the size I want to be and have them look good on me.

  2. I love red on my toe nails! This past summer I had a pedicure before going to Jamaica and later at the hotel had them repolished. They put red on my toes, love it!

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