Capital City Derby Dolls

Last summer I was looking for something new and fun to add to my life.  I’ve never been a sporty person… The last time that I played team sports was at the age of 6 when I played softball on an all boys team, unless you count my 2 year stint as a cheerleader in Grade 9 and 10.

Me in pink corduroy pants playing baseball like a pro.
Me in my cheerleading days, pre-braces, wearing a scrunchie.










For quite some time I had been interested in roller derby, though I had zero skills on skates, so when I noticed that the Capital City Derby Dolls were having an open house last August, I decided to go for it.

The open house was fun and the girls were great, so I continued on to Fresh Meat training, giving me the opportunity to learn more skills , meet new people and get fit while doing something super awesome and fun!  Going to the gym has never been something that I could commit to for more than a week or two, but derby is something that I have come to crave – and I hate missing practice!!

Looking back on my first couple of tries on skates, I was wobbly, hesitant and afraid to fall and hurt myself… Only 5 months later, I feel confident, steady and eager to learn and try new skills.  Every time that I get up after falling is another step forward in my training because it means that I’m going to give something another try until I get it right.

The ladies of CCDD took the fear out of derby for me.  They are encouraging, supportive, patient, motivating and fun!  I feel like they have my best interests in mind – They want me to be awesome at derby, but they make sure that I am doing things in a safe way so that I can continue to be awesome at derby.

Photo credit: Sara Spring, 2011 -

Are you curious about derby?  Do you need a new fitness routine?  Want to meet a bunch of really awesome, strong, supportive women?  Like to skate?… Then I encourage you to make a move.  Try out roller derby…. and fall in love with it.

It’s easy… check out the CCDD website, sign up for the Open House or the Learn to Skate and don’t look back!!!

You can thank me later once you’ve learned to knock me down :)

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