Today: Cucumbers, Tomorrow: The World!

Part of my list of goals this year involves eating food that I don’t like.  I guess the broader theme to this goal is to take little leaps and find out if maybe I’m not missing out on something pretty awesome.

As a child I avoided many foods that I would eventually grow up to love. Onions, Green Peppers and Whipped Cream were only a few on the list that today I can’t imagine not eating.

Cucumbers have always been a food that I have avoided.  I have never liked the smell or the mixture of textures involved.  The last time I had cucumbers (before I made my 2012 goal to eat new stuff) was at an Easter dinner at a high-school friend’s house.  They were serving only seafood (which I also don’t eat) and so my friend’s mom made me a salad which was basically lettuce and cucumbers.  I didn’t want to complain and just eat the lettuce, so I tried to eat the cucumbers.  It was not good.  I actually threw up in my mouth and had to excuse myself.

On New Year’s Eve this year, I attended a charming party hosted by @twitandrewking with themed food for the multi-course dinner – and the appetizer was smoked salmon and cucumbers.  It was prepared so wonderfully by @missfish that I thought I would throw caution to the wind and try one (keep in mind that I didn’t eat cucumbers or salmon at this point).  I tried a salmon/cucumber appetizer and it was actually quite lovely!  It didn’t make me throw up!  Hooray!

Fast forward to today:  I was at the grocery store and decided to take a leap.  I bought a whole cucumber!

And here, recorded in pictures, is what happened…

A Cucumber - Fresh from the grocery store (which picked it up in Mexico). I'm looking forward to the summer when I can try out a fresh, local cucumber.
My cucumber - starting with 5 slices. The internet told me to toss out the end bit because it doesn't taste as good. The smell is grossing me out a little bit, but I can't let it deter me from putting these slices in my belly.
Trying out cucumber slices with PC Chipotle Spinach dip (awesome). First slice will be tested with skin on. The cucumber smell is fairly distracting. I've got it on my hands.
Cucumber slice with skin was not especially appetizing... trying a "skin off" cucumber... Skin On slice went down and is now in my belly. The taste initially was not friendly, but luckily not gag inducing!
Skinless cucumber slices more successful than the skin-on slices. So far, I have been using the dip fairly liberally, so this time, I'm going with just a little bit of vinegar and some sea salt.


Success!  The vinegar and salt cucumber was tasty.  All 5 slices made it to their intended destination!

The verdict on cucumbers?  Not bad.  Not as bad as I expected it to be.

Now what?  I guess that I have the rest of the cucumber to eat – although I will probably wait until tomorrow to continue.  There are so many other foods that I need to take the leap with.  Which one am I most afraid of?  Shrimp.  Most other seafoods/shellfish/fish I feel like I will be able to manage, but shrimp freaks me out.

I'm just as scared of them as they are of me.

What foods are on your “Don’t Like It” list?  Have you learned to love anything you previously rejected?

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