51 Goals for 2012

I’m not usually big on resolutions.  In the past, I have made resolutions, haven’t had a plan and haven’t been motivated to follow through with the plan.

This year, I have made some goals.. Inspired by lady-friend Jes Lacasse (www.jeslacasse.com) I came up with a list of 51 things that I would like to accomplish in 2012.  Some of them are big, some of them are smaller and easier to manage, some of them are changes that I would like to try but may not adopt completely.

I’ll publish my list – and update it with any successes.  Should I decide to add to the list during the year, I’m giving myself the flexibility to do so.

  1. Cut out negative people/influences – I’ll elaborate a bit on this one… It’s important to me that I surround myself with people and activities that have a positive influence in my life.  People who are unnecessarily hateful or negative have no place in my life and so I will phase them out this year and put my energy into the events, things and people who bring a smile to my face.
  2. Bring lunch to work.
  3. Clean up lunch boxes and stuff upon arrival at home for next day’s use
  4. Sleep More
  5. Finish Grandma’s gift
  6. Frame Grandma’s gift
  7. Give Grandma her gift at Christmas 2012
  8. Call Mom and Dad and Grandma every week
  9. Complete Couch to 5K
  10. Write 5-10 LinkedIn recommendations for former or current colleagues without being asked
  11. Make a will
  12. Read at least 1 book every 2 weeks
  13. Declutter/organize apartment
  14. Have a Yard Sale/Kijiji sale
  15. Send a piece of written mail every week
  16. Sing at karaoke – I have adopted this horrible habit of watching instead of singing when I go.
  17. Wash dishes after dinner right away
  18. Attend my 10 year Homecoming with Tuuli and the girls
  19. Write a new play
  20. Take a vacation week during Ottawa Fringe so that I can see even more shows
  21. Blog more consistently
  22. Complete the 300 Logic puzzles book.  All 300 puzzles – no cheating or peeking at the answer code :)
  23. Mass Minimum skills testing with Capital City Derby Dolls
  24. Pick a really awesome derby name
  25. Purchase a fun derby outfit to celebrate passing min skills testing
  26. Track migraines more diligently – find triggers and avoid
  27. Try eating foods that I would normally avoid because “I don’t like them” (ex: cucumbers, eggplant, black olives, coffee, etc…)  Note: I have already started on this one!  Have eaten Smoked Salmon, Cucumbers and Black Olives in the past 3 days
  28. Donate 8 completed quilts to Victoria’s Quilts
  29. Watch Six Feet Under
  30. Make the bed
  31. Open Etsy store for Quilting/Sewing items
  32. Water the plants so that they don’t die
  33. Get my G2 licence
  34. Take driving lessons
  35. Buy a new mattress
  36. Support local businesses and friend’s businesses as much as possible
  37. Buy/Make Christmas gifts throughout the year instead of on December 23rd
  38. Purchase quality, classic clothing
  39. Make at least 3 dresses from scratch and wear them
  40. No Pants November – Blog it this time instead of just doing it
  41. Print and Frame our best NYC shots
  42. Make something out of chain maille
  43. Make a habit of always taking off my make up before bed.
  44. Wear the red thing in public – 10 years after having worn it in public for the last time.
  45. Drink more wine
  46. Organize a regular date night with D
  47. Choose a month and have a “Buy Nothing Month” (exception: food and items needed to live)
  48. Clean out Make Up case – toss anything old or unwearable
  49. Drink more water
  50. Make the balcony more liveable and enjoy it throughout the summer (or all year if possible)
  51. Learn how to play an instrument

That’s the list so far.  Additions may come forth as I think of them.

Have a safe and happy New Year!  I wish you success in anything that you wish you try this year!


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