Small Town, NB

Among the things that make me happy is a little bit of land to call my own. Back in 2007, I was visiting my parents in the village of Plaster Rock, New Brunswick and we drove by a little yellow house on Main St. There was a for sale sign out front and attached to the For Sale sign was attached the price of the house. As someone who lives in a moderately priced city, I laughed at the price on the sign as it was the kind of price you would see in a car lot, not on a house. I did some research and found out more about the house, tempted by the idea of owning property in the town where my parents live.

After a quick call home to discuss the idea with my other half, I contacted the realtor and started the process. Buying a house out of province is a little different than buying a house in province – all of my communication was done through fax/email and phone communication with my parents. There was very little negotiation – a lot of the furniture was included in the price. And within a month, we had purchased this:

322 Main St, Plaster Rock, NB

It’s a two bedroom, one bath 1930’s house on a half acre of land on the main stretch of town. It’s across the street from the “fire hall” and down the street from a steep drop off to the Tobique River.
Inside and outside it needs a lot of work. My handy Dad has re-worked the plumbing and has modernized the bathroom. Old floors have been pulled up and fresh paint has been applied. The house is a little slanty in places, but it’s charming.

Will I ever live there? Probably not. But the opportunities for what it could be exist – I just need the time and money to make it what it could be. :)

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