Blog Love

Like many people out there, I’m a fan of a good blog. It doesn’t usually matter what it’s about or how often it’s updated, but if the content moves me and makes me come back, to me, it’s a good blog.
Here’s a few that I frequent. Let me know which ones are your favourites!

First off, here’s Le Mien. A great way to peek in on local Ottawa people who are brave enough to send an email to it’s maker Kim. Kim is a wildly talented photographer who seems to be able to draw out personalities. She’s very close to 100… email her while you have the chance! (I’m number 55)

I am a fan of puppets. So much so that I once went on a date with a puppet for a website. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), that website is long lost somewhere and I have not been able to recover it. There is one person who may still have access to the content of that adventure and his pseudonym is Tommy Talker. His pen name is derived from the actual puppet that I went on an actual date with about 10 years ago. Here is his current project: A fantastically hilarious website, The O-Dot. In a strange coincidence, my man-friend D has an old Tommy Talker puppet from his childhood that now lives in our spare room.

Who knows style? Jes Lacasse does and she has a website to prove it. Jes Lacasse is responsible for helping me to harness the good in my closet (and purge the old and outdated). She is sweet and lovely and I certainly don’t see enough of her. Check out her blog here.

Recently, I have become addicted to tape. Not just any kind of tape, but decorative, Japanese masking tape. It’s a dream to handle and brightens up packages when regular old tape just won’t do. I only buy my Japanese masking tape from one person. Why? Because we went to school together and it’s important to support the people you know. Also, I’m pretty sure that we both played singing mice in The Wind in the Willows and us singing mice have to stick together. Omiyage is simply charming as the website says and deserves a look see. The blog helps provide some inspiration when you’re not sure what to do with your recently purchased pile of masking tape.

Finally, for anything and everything Ottawa related: make sure you check out Ottawa Start. It encapsulates almost everything that occurs in the nation’s capital and is very inclusive of many different sides of the city. I love Ottawa, and as such, Ottawa Start keeps me updated on my favourite city and the things that go on within it.

Tell me what your favourite blogs are so that I can try to cram more blog reading into my day!


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