New York City… My favourite place to be.

Just returned from a whirlwind weekend to NYC.

Every time I go, I have a completely different experience and the city seems to get better and better.  Here’s a quick synopsis of the weekend:


Friday: Drive to Syracuse, Fly from Syracuse to JFK, take a 2-hour shuttle from JFK to our airbnb (Pro-tip: maybe don’t take the shuttle), wander around looking for dinner, see the movie people filming Annie, eat at a delicious Thai restaurant on 9th Ave, walk to Times Square (2 blocks from the apt), Frozen Margarita on a patio in a courtyard, crash into bed early-ish.

Saturday: MoMA – saw one of my favourite paintings and many other classics (Starry Night, Persistence of Memory, Water Lilies) , 5th Ave, shopping, So Much Walking, Dinner at great little Mexican restaurant beside our apt, Several drinks at several bars in Midtown West, someone brought a puppy to the bar, off to bed!

MoMA's Map of the Internet... Looks like a fluffy dandelion to me!
MoMA’s Map of the Internet… Looks like a fluffy dandelion to me!

Sunday:  Line up for Broadway Tickets, Mark spots Macaulay Culkin on the street, Central Park! Bethesda Fountain! ALL THE TREES!, Missed the Banksy art booth, Lunch at the deli beside the Carnegie Deli, Chicago, 5th Avenue for some more shopping, Hershey store for some Peanut Butter Cups, Pashminas for Everyone, Indian Food for Dinner – my face may have melted off from the spice, Late night Cold Stone Creamery to cool off mouths, off to bed!

My favourite place.
My favourite place.

Monday: Up early-ish, Shuttle to JFK (faster than Friday’s ride for sure), Lunch at JFK, Fly to Syracuse, Drive to Ottawa, have little bits of sadness that I’m not in NYC anymore, buy a pair of shoes online.

TL;DR: I had an awesome time. Did a lot of things that I hadn’t done on previous visits.  Made sure to get to my favourite places. I miss NYC already.

And since it’s Thanksgiving… Just want to put it out there that I’m thankful for such a wonderful weekend and the great company. 

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