I’ve had a good few weeks despite feeling a bit under the weather, and still dealing with a sore JenKnee, so I’d like to take a moment to mention some things that I’m pretty grateful for.  I’ll just throw them into a list for simplicity’s sake.

Camping * Fun Car Trips into the woods * Building sandcastles on the beach * My Shopifamily * Cottage time with Shopify * Swimming in a freezing cold lake… and pretending it’s not that cold * Laying on the dock watching the clouds roll by * My cleaning service * Fun work projects that are making a big splash * Planning for Toronto and Vancouver * Brainstorming ridiculous business ideas * People who make me smile and laugh * Great big hugs * Mom and Dad for helping with the House * Making dinner at my apartment * Crush Improv * Listening to new music and Finding new favourites * My Derby Wives who check in to make sure I’m healing properly * Planning for NYC * A certain handsome doughnut

I have a lot to be grateful for… and I’m thankful for everything that I have in my life.  Thank you to everyone who is a part of making my every day just wonderful.

The view from the ShopiCabin
The view from the ShopiCabin

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