Today was a great day… and nothing particularly exceptional happened.  I had the opportunity today though to get a mountain of feedback that I’ve now had the chance to look through again and reflect on.

Part of my work day today involved receiving “Valentines” from some of my colleagues.  We wrote them to each other to express what we wanted MORE of and LESS of from them in our day to day interactions. First of all – it was a brilliant idea brought forth from our leadership coach, Cam.  It gave us all a great chance to give some great honest feedback in writing to the people that we see every day.

A whole pile of awesome.
A whole pile of awesome.

The feedback that I received today was full of truths – Things that I’m good at, things that I need to work on and develop and opportunities for me to be a better person and employee at Shopify…. so THANK YOU to Areez, Theresa, Dylan, Chris, Marcie, Richard, Toby and Liz for everything that you brought to the table today.  I’m going to be better for it, and it really showed me that you all know me well, seeing things about me that make sense… and it truly inspired me to push forward to places that I haven’t gone yet.

I’m excited for the future at Shopify.  Never have I worked somewhere where this kind of feedback is not only welcomed, but embraced… and getting the feedback I got today was an incredibly valuable experience for me and where I’m at right now.

Big thanks and love to you all.

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