My (Don’t Buy Me Anything) Christmas List

It’s that time of year when I tell you about the things that I think are awesome for Christmas!  I have way too much stuff and never really ask for much at Christmas, so please don’t buy any of these items for me.  I just think they’re awesome and want to share them with you… I’m like Oprah (but more awesome and I won’t yell obnoxiously as I tell you about my favourite things)…

This year’s list is themed around items that I have discovered through work!  Yay Shopify stores!  There are so many fun shops, so it really took a lot for me to pare down my list to something manageable… And I tried to include a bunch of different types of stores, because although I love looking at all the beautiful clothes on Shopify, it doesn’t mean that you will :)

Little Party Dress – Specifically the dress in the link is one of my favourites.  SO PRETTY.

Black Milk Clothing – These guys are incredible.  There are so many unique choices and designs.  I want them all. Currently there are 2 pairs of leggings and a dress on their way from Australia to me… Can’t wait for them to get here!!

Wool Walker – These shoes are adorable and colourful.  They look so comfy and awesome.  Want 10 pairs.

Tattly – Why commit to a real tattoo when you can wear incredibly fun, great quality fake ones? I love the veggie line of tattoos… I also love the rest of them and would wear them all if I could… (I can and I would if I had the EVERYTHING set)

GoldieBlox – If I were still little, this would be the top thing on my list to Santa.  A really cool girl’s toy that is fun and cool and educational.  Yes please.

Amai Raw – Do you like Raw? Do you like Vegan? Do you like Chocolate?  I do!! Try the Sundried Bananas… They are incredibly tasty.

Send Happy Mail – I love this concept/idea.  Who doesn’t like getting paper mail? Why not make your paper mail happier and put a smile on someone’s face?

eBoy – The city posters are pretty colourful and awesome… and they make cushions too!

Litter – This one just made the list today. I’m a girl who likes jewelry… and love notes… this wraps them all into one awesome bracelet.

Just to break things up, I’ll post one more thing (not from a Shopify store) that I’m super excited about.  It’s a great gift idea for bike and horse lovers and just makes so much sense to me.

Ladies and Gentlemen… Trotify. :)

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