4 Days in… No Pants November

Happy No Pants November!

It’s been a pretty awesome 4 days of No Pants (see outfit #1 here).

After my first post, I had some great support from ladies all over.  There has been talk of turning this little project into a fundraiser (Dressember, anyone?) and I’ve had a lot of great response from people at work and elsewhere :)

I’ve been taking some photos, but instead of posting something daily, I thought I would just toss a couple into one post to make things less “daily outfitty”.

November 2. Purple and Chartreuse and Grey? You Bet.

The thing that I’ve noticed so far is that I’ve been good with wearing lots of colour.  I’m trying to stay away from wearing too much black clothing as it’s not one of my best colours and I’m being pretty brave with patterns.

November 3… No self-portrait… Luckily this shot was taken of me and Lobster getting all Gangnam Style at the CCDD End of Year Party.

Let me know what you think!  Would you join in for Dressember? Who would you donate any funds to if it were a fundraiser?

November 4… Cute thrifted dress… love.

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