I’ve always been a big believer in giving back and donating my efforts and time to groups and causes that I believe in.

The one group that I donate most of my charity time and efforts to is Victoria’s Quilts Canada.  VQC is a group with a great cause – they look out for people with cancer.  When our loved ones are going through one of the worst experiences and having their bodies invaded by a horrible disease, VQC offers a little ray of sunshine and a piece of comfort.  The mandate?  Distributing hand-made quilts to people who are going through chemotherapy.  The members of VQC assemble patchwork quilts from donated fabric and deliver them to those in need.  When you’ve been back and forth between home and the hospital going through treatments that make you feel awful, your Victoria’s Quilt can follow you everywhere so that you have a comfy unique blanket that someone, somewhere took the care to make for you.  And it’s free!  Anyone needing a quilt only has to request one on the website.  There is a waiting list… and we’re trying so hard to make the quilts as fast as possible.

VQC has recently gained a much needed sponsorship through Flare Fabrics.  Although the fabric is mostly donated, we do need to purchase the batting and flannel backing of the quilts from brand new.  We fundraise and do our best to keep things afloat.

So far in 12 years, VQC has donated, free of charge, a total of 24, 321 quilts (as of April 2011).  The sad part is that the need is great, but the beautiful thing is that out of something sad comes such wonderful results from a Nation-wide group that cares about people.

Take a look at the VQC site – make a donation – request a quilt for someone in need.

I love being a part of the group.  Having the opportunity to put one of my talents towards such a good cause makes me feel awesome.  It’s time consuming, and I never get to meet the people who end up with my quilts… but I know that somehow they’re making someone feel at least a little bit happier during a really tough time.

What do you do to make a difference?

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