Two Days, Two Fortunes

Two Days, Two Fortunes

I skipped a day or two, but you can bet that I still ate the cookies.

Fortune #1. I think that the first fortune is fairly true for me.  I’m a big fan of supporting, cheerleading and well, nurturing creative work in Ottawa.  Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Prix Rideau Awards and the big message of the night was a great one.  Independent theatre in Ottawa is important and thriving (and happens to be made up of a bunch of fantastic, talented and really really good looking people). Sometimes I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with some of these awesome Ottawans and I am always humbled by their talent.  It pushes me to want to be better at something that I really love.

Fortune #2. I have a tendency to look on the bright side of life (cue the whistling).  I try to spread it around – smiling, laughing, hugging, high-fiving and giving people the support that they need when they need it.  I do my best to hold back the complaining in public forums unless it is truly warranted, but I find complaining breeds complaining… and positivity attracts positivity, so why not try to be positive?  If others take notice of my attitude, then great!  I hope that I bring smiles to faces and warmth to hearts.  And if for some reason I happen to unknowingly be dubbed Jerkface Jen Jarvis behind my back, I really don’t want to know about it… I’m too busy being happy. :)


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