Tony The Taxi Driver

I’m back!

I took a little break from blogging – I’ve been a busy lady and needed some time to focus on other initiatives.  Now that all is taken care of, let me tell you about one of my favourite people.


I don’t have a full driver’s license yet. A big part of my job involves travelling around the city to visit clients and the company that I work for is gracious enough to expense cab fare for me to do so.

For the past year, Tony has been my preferred cab driver.  When I would call the taxi company, by chance he was always the cab that would show up.  After a while, I made sure to give him the heads up to make sure he would be in the area when I would call in.  He’s fun, friendly and speedy.  He waits for me when I’m in visiting clients so that I can leave without having to call another ride (often I will come back to the car and interrupt a nap).  Tony is intuitive.  When I’m having a bad day, he seems to know it and regales me with stories of his kids, their new puppy and his race training.

Tony At Work

Tony knows customer service.  On Christmas Eve, he was out of the country and called me at work from India just to wish me a Merry Christmas… who does that?  Tony does.  Tony is game to help me out with prospecting new clients for work – he and I team up on our drive arounds to make sure that I’m not missing any key potential clients.  When my colleagues tag along for the ride, they swiftly become big fans of one of the best drivers in town.

Thanks Tony!


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