The Beluga Whisperer

Just like Pied Piper played his pipe and had the children follow him.
Similar to Ludo from Labyrinth who could call the rocks.
As teenage girls flock to Bieber.
Like a moth to a flame.

I have a way with Beluga (Belugai? What’s the plural?)

It was partially cloudy with scattered showers on the day that I learned of my gift.
All of the other tourists at MarineLand were paying $5 to feed and touch the Beluga Whales.
I scoffed at the price and was happy with just looking, when my very own beluga popped out of the water in front of me and rested it’s fins on the side of the pool, begging for my love.
I got in a few hand/head snuggles before being chastised by the MarineLand staff who did not realize that they were in the presence of a Beluga Whisperer.

Not a few minutes later, another Beluga swam up and requested a head pat of his very own, which I was happy to give.
The Marine Drones were angry with me. I had not paid my 5 dollars. But as I gazed into the oil-black eyes of Beluga number 2, I knew that this connection was priceless and not even Park Policy would stop me from reaching out and touching one of the loveliest and squeakiest creatures known to man.

Feels like a wet beachball with eyes

Sadly, Darrick’s camera was zoomed all the way and is slow to de-zoom. He frantically tried to get this photo before the beluga disappeared. And this is what we got.


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